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Anjuman-e-Saifee(New Zealand) is a non-profit organization administering and managing the affairs of the Dawoodi Bohra community in New Zealand.

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The Dawoodi Bohra community traces its spiritual heritage to the Prophet Mohammed SA and his wasi (legatee) Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali AS, continuing through their successors, the imams. Dawoodi Bohras mostly originate from the North West Indian state of Gujarat. Their name, 'Bohra' comes from the Gujarati word 'vohra' which means trader; for the community essentially was then and remains to this day a business community although a substantial number are now professionals in various fields.

Anjuman-e-Saifee(New Zealand) is registered under Charities Act 2005 – registration no. CC 33202, helping over 100 families that live in New Zealand


It is the wish of Huzur-e-Aal TUS that homelike food should be provided to every mumin on his doorstep. Today, nearly 100,000 homes of mumineen worldwide receive and have flourished with this barakat. The same Faiz of Burhanuddin Moula RA’s mawaid reaches close to 65 families in New Zealand.


The Prophet Mohammed SA has stated that it is obligatory on every Muslim man and Muslim woman to seek knowledge. This obligation is one the Bohras have taken to heart throughout their history. Jamali Madarasa addresses the need for basic religious instruction for children where close to 80 children are taught the basic principles of Islam.

Qardan Hasana

Usury and interest, in all its forms, has been forbidden in Islam. Thus comes the role of qardan hasana – the interest-free. Qardan hasanah is a concept that flies in the face of everything that modern economics has come to be. Mumineen in New Zealand have been taking barakaat of Qardan Hassanah for more than 5 years now.

Recent News & Events.

  • Hifzul Quraan il Kareem nu Musabaqat in Auckland - New Zealand
    Hafiz ul Quran Moula Ad Dai il ajal al hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin(RA) na janasheen aney mansoos Al Dai il ajal Syedna Abu Jaffar us Sadiq Aali Qadar Muffadal Saifuddin(TUS) ni masaai jalila na sabab Hifzul Quran il Kareem waastey Aalame Imaan ma nashaat adha’fan mudhaa’fa thayo. Aqa Maula na Irshad e Muneer ni roshni ma “ Khair ma Tanaafus (competition)” karva ni ma’naa si “Hifzul Quraan il Kareem” nu Musabaqat karva nu sharaf Auckland (New Zealand) ne naseeb thayo che.


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